Mrs. Arnolfini

Song Club is a monthly songwriting project. We pick a theme at the beginning of the month, write songs about it, and then release a compilation album of all of them.

This past month I got to pick the theme, so I asked everyone in the group to write something ekphrastic. Ekphrasis is the act of making art about another piece of art, usually from a different medium (think songs about art, paintings about poems, poems about music, etc). (I learned this word in a contemporary poetry class and definitely forgot it on a later vocabulary test)

I based my song on Van Eyck's Arnolfini Portrait, from the perspective of the woman in the painting. She's always been the focal point for me (even though the fun secret of this painting is the artist reflected in the mirror). I love her folds and folds of green fabric and her slight smile and the fur trim on her collar and sleeves.

Song Club did amazing work this month. Every song on the record is based on some other piece of art, mostly visual. My friend Ben (Sen Wisher) said listening to the album feels like walking through a gallery.

I've embedded the album below so you can explore our little exhibit! Like all Song Club albums, you can download it for free. Let me know what you think!